Rancho Bonanza


Richard S

chat_bubble My family and I had a wonderful horseback riding tour at Rancho Bonanza! They picked us up at our hotel (and on time) and drove us to the ranch. The ranchers did a great job in preparing us for our ride, and especially helped our son feel comfortable on the horse. It was a relaxing ride through the jungle with a stop along the way. At the end we got to swim in a cool, refreshing cenote. The horses here appear to be well cared for and you can tell that all of the ranchers take especially good care of the horses. Make sure you bring plenty of bug spray!



chat_bubble Nestor and Karla were fantastic guides. I had never been horseback riding before and was nervous. They were super helpful and it was an incredibly relaxing experience. I have a passion for animals so it warmed my heart to learn that the animals were all rescues. I even got to swim with Joy, the sweet dog!


David F

chat_bubble his place was amazing! From the shuttle drop off, to pick up these guys took amazing care of us. Ernesto, Kane, and Michael Angelo are great hosts. They shared their knowledge of the jungle and mayan culture, and obviously enjoyed what they did. Ernesto was our main host and as a life long cowboy took great care of their rescue horses. He was always happy and told great stories. He deserves a raise! The jungle ride was beautiful and Michael Angelo took superb photos all along the way. The Cenote swim at the end was perfect. Important tip: The only thing I wish I knew before was that I could ask to stay in the ring and ride some more. Even gallop. If you are an experienced rider and ask ahead of time you can have the corral to yourself.



chat_bubble My family and I loved Rancho Bonanza, and Cristhyan was a super friendly and nice guide - He was patient with us when we were a bit scared. The horses there are extremely well-trained, calm, and easy to ride on. The path is in the jungle, which is interesting and different from the resort environment. They also have lovely sweet dogs and other animals on the ranch! Good photographer and quality photos at reasonable prices. And the swim in the cenote was beautiful.



chat_bubble My husband and I went enjoyed this excursion. This was our first time on horses and we couldn't have asked for a better group of people to assist us on our tour throughout the jungle. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this excursion for anyone who loves horses. From Dave & Stefen (MO USA)


Frank H

chat_bubble Rancho Bonanza offers an excellent horse back riding experience for everyone, from beginners to experienced riders. The staff is very knowledgeable, responsible and ensures a fun and safe experience. Our tour guide, Christian, was versed on all ecological and zoological facts of the jungle we trailed. In addition, Christian can provide you an encyclopedic chat about the Mayans, their culture, customs and language. I definitely recommend this attraction to anyone visiting Riviera Maya.


Thomas C

chat_bubble Very friendly staff. Fransisco was super helpful and very knowledgeable. Animals were well cared for and would recommend to anyone.



chat_bubble Me and my husband visited Mexico on our honeymoon, he wanted to do this trip but I wasn't so keen. Going was absolutely amazing, the horses was well looked after, the guys who run the trip was very funny and knowledgeable! Swimming in the open pool was an amazing experience on top of the horse ride which was spectacular, they take you into the jungle where you can see a range of things- we saw spider monkeys which was fabulous!! I would highly recommend this trip, its an experience not to forget, the staff make it memorable!



chat_bubble My boyfriend and I did this activity while on our vacation. The staff if great and the animals are very well cared for. We had a great time.


Tamy G

chat_bubble Genial... muy lindo.... los caballos y los animales hermosos El cenote es precioso todo muy cuidado..... recomendado para ir con toda la familia....



chat_bubble My husband and I booked this experience through lomas travel while staying at the El Dorado Castias Royal. It is on the same property as our hotel so not having to take a bus or shuttle very far was appealing. The guides met us at the drop off point and walked us a short distance to the ranch. They were all extremely friendly, professional and made us feel welcome. The horses are very well taken care of and the ride and cenote swim was as expected. I was determined to swim in a cenote this trip and since it was included in the package I was totally sold. The horse riding part was fun and easy. We saw monkeys, learned about gum trees and Mayan culture. They have rescue dogs, goats and massive pig and peakocks. All the horses are rescues as well. The handlers are passionate about their care.


Morgan K

chat_bubble The group made our experience a great time and very memorable. The pictures that we purchased were well worth it.



chat_bubble We had a brilliant time on this excursion whilst staying at the El Dorado. The instructors were very patient and helped us with everything. The tour was very informative and fun and well organised. We felt very safe and it was a highlight of our honeymoon.


Mike A

chat_bubble The Ranch is a second chance Ranch for rescued horses (and goats, pigs, peacocks, dogs...). The horses were very well mannered and were fine for beginners. My wife and I showed up to ride together (the day after she was pretty sick), but she started to feel dizzy standing in the heat and actually ended up fainting. The guides responded quickly with water, soda, and cold wet washcloths and did a great job attending my wife. They were really really great. We rescheduled (free of charge) for the next day, but my wife still wasn't feeling well enough, so I went alone. I saw iguanas, a toucan, and monkeys while riding through the jungle! You make one quick stop at the entrance to a cenote, but you don't swim in it. After a ride back to the ranch, you walk down to another cenote where you can swim. Most of the ride was in the shade, with only patches of sun here and there. However, I would recommend bug spray...



chat_bubble I took the tour with my 2 teen daughters after booking through our resort (Generations Riveria Maya). Price included transportation. Good tour for beginners, maybe not as exciting for more experienced riders looking for more of an "adventure"; our tour included families with children 8-10 years old. The guides were warm, personable, humorous and very knowledgeable, especially Cristían. The horses were easy going with a good trail horse temperament, also they appeared to be well cared for. I enjoyed hearing the Mayan folklore about the local flora and fauna, which also served as a warning against some of the dangers the jungle holds. The sights along the way included lizards, toucans, parrots, and even a guest appearance from a spider monkey swinging overhead. The ranch operates as a rescue ranch so there were some other animals on-site including some very friendly dogs. The dip in the cinote at the end was nice and more accessible than many of the other large cinotes in the area. I would recommend this and would do it again. Thank you for a wonderful excursion on our trip!



chat_bubble Lovely little afternoon here. I was very nervous about riding but it was so relaxed and horses are all amazing and so calm. Best part of it is most the animals there have been recused and we'll looked after.



chat_bubble This is a great little excision while staying at el dorado royale, staff are very helpful and great at teaching and helping beginners as well as being relaxed with experienced riders. They do a wonderful job teaching you about the local history of the area. I think this great for groups of all age groups as they have a wide range of horses différent sizes to accommodate everyone.



chat_bubble Everything was great, from the shuttle service to the horseback ride to the cenote. All great! Limna took lots of photos of my day and Nestor was a very nice, friendly guide through the whole experience, pointing out wildlife and history along the way. I loved seeing all of the animals - peacocks, hogs, goats, dogs, and of course horses. It was informative, interesting, and also relaxing. Overall fun outing!



chat_bubble Never been horse riding before, but really good introductory experience. Chew some natural gum from the gum tree, swim in the Cenote and go for a ride - brilliant experience! Photo package only $30 for both of us too - brilliant value and great holiday memento :-) Fantastic, passionate, friendly staff too. Thank you for a fantastic afternoon!


Roger G

chat_bubble From the time we were greeted by Limbda (hopefully spelled correctly) we were made to feel at home and cared for. We were matched to horses and took a few laps in the coral. With a group of 10 plus 4 guides and leaders we set out. approx., 45 minutes into the jungle a rest stop , and some education on Mayan History. Very interesting. Saddled up and made our way back to ranch. A nice surprise snacks and drinks waiting nicely cooled (it was a hot day) . Then a generous swim in the Cenote. A memorable time. Now for the best part. All the animals are rescued . (not just horses) I was very happy to see how well cared for these animals are. They Get 5++ from me.


David M

chat_bubble Interesting view of their ranch including various animals. There is also an opportunity to see a small cenote.


Holly B

chat_bubble I needed to find an activity for a few hours so I picked this. I have rode horses previously but I also know what horses on a ride like this would be like. They just follow each other on a well worn path. That is OK though. I was afraid the horses would be malnourished or otherwise abused but they were not. They looked healthy enough. There was only me and one other person on the ride and we had two guides both of whom were very nice and friendly. The ride was pleasant and relaxing. After we got back we went to a cenote where swimming was allowed. Then it was time to go and my transportation was there on time. While waiting until time to go one of the guides showed me photos of his son and told me about his life and his work at the ranch. Overall it was not a bad way to spend a few hours. I tipped both guides well because they were s nice and informative.



chat_bubble My husband and I booked an excursion on the Bonanza ranch. It had really good reviews and I was excited to be able to ride a horse for the first time. We were greeted by Nestor who was our main guide - he taught me how to ride a horse effectively and I did not feel intimidated at all! My horse was named Godzilla - he was so sweet though. All the horses were so gentle! We took our horses around the trail on the ranch while Nestor educated us on the vegetation and the history of the Mayan people. We were able to take time to take a dip in the cenote on the ranch. It was so beautiful with clear and cool water. There was a photographer there who documented our trip with pictures! It was such an amazing trip! I highly recommend it. The staff there is caring and very concerned about our well being. The tour was about 3-4 hours and was worth every minute!


Jackie H

chat_bubble This was our second time at the Ranch and both have been great fun. I am a beginner with horses and you are looked after very well and never left on your own. Even though my horse seemed massive it was good and the horses and other animals on the ranch are well looked after.



chat_bubble Got our horses Harry Potter and Cimaron!! Beautiful animals and picked based off of experience! Our guide Nestor was awesome and very informative! We actually stayed at Generations next door and had no idea this was next to us lol....Nestor took us around a greenhouse area through the jungle and a nice ride with the horses around the area. Even got to take a break midway for the horses and people, and he showed us around some natural cenotes and told us some exciting mayan and aztec stories and was very informative about the nature as well - hes also funny, so watch out lol After the ride you get a chance to swim in the cenote and snack - small but pretty sweet - they even let the ranch dogs play around and who also happened to enjoy a swim with us! We even saw a wild vampire bat up close during the daylight, the real Chupacabre acording to Nestor. Very sweet ride, Yee-Haw!!


Susan B

chat_bubble I have a special needs daughter who does therapeutic horseback riding at home. We were given a gift certificate for Bonanza Ranch so my daughter could horseback ride in Mexico. My family consisted of myself, my husband, and my 3 teenage daughters. I was not worried at all about my special needs daughter riding, because she rides weekly at home. However, when I heard the instructions, which were different from how she rides at home, I was not sure she could do it as she is developmentally delayed and I wasn't sure she would remember all the differences. Adding that the horses are rescued, which is fantastic, but made me unsure how predictable they would be. My husband and I asked if one of us could walk beside my daughters horse, just to make sure everything went smoothly. The cowboys could not have been more understanding, kind, accommodating, etc!!! They assured us that we should ride and that one of them would help my daughter. The lead cowboy had my daughter behind him and he led her horse by a rope. He was so kind and was fantastic with her. When we stopped for the break midway through, most of the group went down some stairs and an uneven downhill to learn about the trees and plants, local history, etc. Another cowboy suggested that it might be difficult for my daughter to navigate the terrain, so she and I stayed at the top. He explained everything to us that the group was learning down below. They made sure to bring us samples of the gum that everyone got to try. I just can not say enough good things about our experience. What a great thing they do to rescue the horses, dogs, etc. and give them a nice home. The photographer was excellent and we purchased the photo package. All the photos are fantastic! I am amazed that she managed to always get ahead of us on her bike, without us ever seeing her pass by :) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


Adriana R

chat_bubble Si lo que buscas es una aventura diferente.....Esta es tu mejor opción.De los otros recorridos a caballo que ofrece la Riviera Maya esta es la más interesante y profecionál. Samantha es una amazona amante de los caballos y experta jinete, así que te encontrarás en muy buenas manos...En el recorrido conocerás la fauna y flora del lugar explicada puntualmente por sus guías.Ya sea que seas un jinete experto o principiante te asignan elcaballo correcto. If you are looking for a different adventure... This is your best option. Other travels on horseback offering Riviera Maya this is the most interesting and professional. Samantha is a lover of horses and expert rider Amazon, so you will be in very good hands... On the tour, you will know the flora and fauna of the place promptly explained by their guides. Whether you are an expert or novice rider their assign you the correct horse



chat_bubble Lovely way to see the grounds and meet some of the rescued animals taken in by the owner. Thank you.


Mandy B

chat_bubble We booked through Maroma Adventures as our travel agent; they arranged our transportation to and from the ranch. My husband and two boys (7 and 9) were all beginners (husband had ridden once before, boys never). There were four guides plus a photographer, so we had plenty of support and the horses were very friendly and well behaved. The tour wound through the jungle, including a stop-off to see local cenotes and learn about the chicle tree (we got to try organic chicle tree gum) and were told some local Mayan legends. Then we mounted back up and rode back down the hill side. The guides provide lots of ecological information about the grounds, the gardens, the fruit trees and other vegetation. We could hear spider monkeys in the trees but could not see them. The photographer jumps out in probably 8 different locations for pictures which you can buy on CD at the end of the tour. Afterword you are provided with yummy snacks (we had pop, water, pringles and local candy bars) and a nice dip in the cold and a little sulfur-smelling cenote, which was welcome after the hot ride. You are also given time to tour their various barn stalls and animals. Three friendly rescue dogs will follow you around and the guides are happy to chat about the grounds and its history.


Christina L

chat_bubble Our adult family of 4 were all new riders and were nervous initially, but everyone provided easy to follow instructions and helped us throughout the trail. Our guides and photographer were super friendly and you can tell they love all the rescued horses and animals on the ranch. During the trail, they also point out plants and wildlife with a short swim at the cenote at the end. Our favorite excursion in Cancun!


Oskar O

chat_bubble En lo particular las actividades diferentes a lo acostumbrado en destinos de playa me agradan y ésta es una buena opción.


Kenny C

chat_bubble This is a great experience while vacationing in the Cancun area. Adjacent to El Dorado Royale Resort so very convenient if staying there. Horses are well-trained even for novice riders, guides are very friendly and knowledgeable. Swimming in the cool cenote at the end is very refreshing. Highly recommend.


Evelyn O

chat_bubble An incredible ending to a week in Mexico celebrating our 30th Anniversary. This is another must do if you are in the area. Be sure you go for the earlier ride if you want a better chance to see the wildlife. The jungle was beautiful but it was even more awesome being able too see the spider monkeys play in the trees and to watch the deer next to the trail watch us go by seemingly without fear.


Mauricio G

chat_bubble It was my 1st time ever riding a horse, the guides were so nice and very friendly. They taught us how to ride the horses and then you go by the jungle with the rest of the people riding the horses. After that they show you the "gum tree" where ppl in the past used to create their own gums... They take you at the end to a "Senote" a cool natural pool to refresh yourself and give you some snacks. In overall I extremely recommend this place to do horseback riding P.D "Antonio Banderas" takes awesome pro pictures, you will love them and will end up buying the pics!



chat_bubble Well worth a visit to the ranch, lovely staff the horses are well looked after and well behaved. They are rescue horses but are great to ride. Plenty off staff to make sure the ride is safe. A very pleasant way to spend the morning. A fabulous dip in the fresh water pool to finish the ride off. Refreshments and snacks and cooling cloths. Put on bug spray for your visit as there are a few bugs about. Refinish off we saw spider monkeys in the canopy, what a treat. Well worth a visit


Richland, Missouri

chat_bubble Great experience! The people are amazing. They are so nice and love the animals. All the animals are rescued and only the ones healthy/young enough give rides. The older or injured animals are cared for and given a great life, as are the ones who give rides! The proceeds go to caring for these animals and rescuing others! The staff provided bug spray and snacks. Very considerate. All staff spoke English very well. They take pictures along the entire trip that you can buy for a reasonable price at the end (put on a cd). You get to enjoy yourself instead of feeling pressure to take your own pictures! Perfect timing too. Great length of riding and swim. Not too short and not so long that you are exhausted once back at your resort. Wonderful memories! Thank you Bonanza Ranch for all you do for God's animals!



chat_bubble Great place if u love horses. All the animals are rescue animals and rely totally on tourists to fund their welfare. A great half day out trekking through the forest, mozzy spray and cool drinks provided :-) some fantastic photos taken by their photographer and photo pack purchased. More people should take advantage of the cenote on the site, snacks and drinks after a cooling dip, towels and changing rooms also provided. A great birthday treat for my partner



chat_bubble We had a great time on our ride today. The staff is very friendly. Joshua greeted us and Ernesto was our main guide. If you are a beginner rider, no worries- the horses are gentle and very used to beginners. Not only do you get to ride horses, but my day was made when I got to pet the cabritos and the big pig. Ok, maybe that's just a me thing. Watch out for the paparrazi on your ride and don't make the weird faces that ended up in all my pictures. They capture the ride for you so you don't have to worry about having a camera on you. After the ride, you get to take a dip in the cenote, and it's SO refreshing. If you're lucky like me, one of the resident dogs will take a swim with you and you can watch Joshua hold his breath for what seems like forever as he swims through the cenote. We very much enjoyed our trip and enjoyed meeting our new friend Ernesto!


Suzette C

chat_bubble We had an awesome time! The horses were well trained and behaved. The staff was very friendly and informative. We had so much fun and learned quite a bit, too! I highly recommend them!



chat_bubble Friendly staff and beautiful horses! You get to swim in a cenote at the end, which was very cool! We learned a lot about the culture and stories. Bring bug spray!


Dana J

chat_bubble I had a wonderful time on this excursion. The staff was extra friendly, knowledgeable and fun. The horses were fantastic. I am a beginner rider and not once felt scared. We got to see lots of spider monkeys in the jungle, see several cenotes, learn Mayan history and swim in a beautiful cenote. I can't wait to go back and ride again. Thank you Rancho Bonanza for giving me this wonderful experience.


Carson F

chat_bubble It started pouring rain in the middle of our tour and yet I was having too good a time to even care. You'll get a tour of the ranch and an introduction to the animals, all of which are very friendly and well behaved. The tour guide can answer any and all of your questions. You'll next get some training on how to ride a horse, followed by a little practice, and then you'll go tour the Mayan jungle on your horse. There is plenty of help aside from the tour guide, which was great because we had a 6 year old with us. At the end you get the chance to jump into a natural sinkhole to cool off and you'll also get to taste Mayan gum, which is organic and delicious. Great for nature lovers. Would return, would recommend.



chat_bubble This is a great experience for people who love nature and want to know more about the mayan culture. Shoutout to Joshua who was an awesome guide! >From the extreme girl in Canada


Nicole B

chat_bubble Very awesome tour if you have an extra day! We got there almost two hours early and the guide was nice enough to keep us occupied with a private tour. They took pictures during the ride so we were able to buy a CD from them for a very reasonable price. Highly recommend!



chat_bubble I love that the ranch takes in rescue animals. The horses are beautiful and well taken care of. The dogs that get to live their have it made.


Robben B

chat_bubble To trail ride through the jungle was a wonderful experience but an added delight was the wonderful people who are working at this ranch. Joshua was a funny, knowledgeable and wonderful guide and Richie takes fabulous, personal pictures to chronicle your journey. All of the cowboys are patient and conscientious with all of the guests regardless of riding experience. I think it's fantastic that all of the horses and some of the other animals on this ranch are rescue animals and I was very happy to support their efforts after learning that detail.



chat_bubble Se preocupan por darle a cada persona el caballo indicado según la experiencia que tengas al montar a caballo, en el recorrido observas animales de diferentes especies como changos, aves y iguanas sin duda es un paseo espectacular y vale la pena vivir la experiencia. Muchas gracias!!


Rebecca K

chat_bubble My daughter and I were staying at El Dorado Royale and decided to book this excursion on a whim. We both like animals and thought this could be fun. It was really an amazing experience. Neither of us had done much riding, and there were horses available based on riding expertise. Because we were staying close by, someone from our resort took us down the road on a golf cart, where we were met by a guide. He was very friendly and led us through the jungle to where the horses were. Our group had some lessons and a good overview of what to expect. Everyone was very patient with all of us and made sure we were safe (as well as the horses) and all were having fun. Along the tour we learned a lot about Mayan history and culture, and had a refreshment break midway as well as at the end, where we could jump into a cenote if we wished. The ranch also had a donkey, pig, several goats and a few friendly dogs who greeted us. All of the animals are rescue animals, which made this even more special for us. They have a photographer who took photos of each individual and family which we could purchase if we wished (we did buy the cd). I can't emphasize enough how friendly their team was and how much fun everyone in the group was having. I would definitely do this again if in the area with others in my family.


Nicola P

chat_bubble Really fun adventure riding in the jungle on horse back. The guides were very professional and made the trip fun and safe for us all. The horses are lovely - all rescue horses and well behaved. The ranch is very cute with lots of animals running around. On the horses we saw wild monkeys and a large snake. It was very peaceful. The guide - Joshua - told some really good stories, which were really enjoyable and added something extra to the trip. Having a dip in the natural cenote at the end is a welcome cool down after the trek. It's a little but if paradise outside the resort - and right on your doorstep ( if you stay at eldorado royals). Worth a trip out to see the grounds, the nature and have some fun adventure with the guides.


michelle g

chat_bubble this activity was the one of my favorites i loved the horses they were friendly and the staff is amazing and so helpful.This was our first time riding horses and the staff takes their time and teach you how to ride and if your like my mother they will personally hold walk your horse for you. This activity is great for new and experience riders.The pictures they take for you are beautiful and not expensive at all. I will be back!


Gemma L

chat_bubble This was a good day out, my daughter who rides a lot was told by the hotel rep she would get time in the arena with the horse but this didn't happen so she was a little disappointed but the staff were really nice and made it a good experience. You get to go on a ride through the jungle which is good but it was a little boring for my daughter.


Randall/debb W

chat_bubble We learned a lot and had a great experience! The horses were very well behaved and easy to ride. Horseback riding was so much fun and all the guides were "excellente"



chat_bubble Rancho Bonanza is excellent. I highly recommend visiting. My wife and I went horseback riding on our honeymoon. It was a lot of fun. The guides were very friendly and accommodating. I had never ridden a horse before and was apprehensive about doing so. The guides selected horses for our group based on our different levels of experience, my horse was named 'Jackie Chan' and he was so nice. All of the horses and other animals on the ranch are rescue animals so it was very nice to know that they were being treated well. The jungle trail was dense, we saw different animals on the way and learned about the Mayan culture as well which was a plus. After the trail was over we were provided snacks and swam in the Xenote. I highly recommend doing so, some in our group did not, it was cool after the hot jungle trail. We purchased some pictures which were expertly taken by a guide who ride a bicycle to different spots on the trail so there was no need to take s camera of your own whilst riding. I will upload some pictures when back in the USA. I would definitely return to Rancho Bonanza again when I return to Cancun/Maya Riviera.



chat_bubble We went to the ranch for the horseback riding tour and it was amazing! I recommend anyone who wants a fun activity to do while in Mexico! They were all friendly and they rescue their horses and give them a better life! They are so attentive and I would for sure do it again!! Go to bonanza you won't regret it!!


Monica C

chat_bubble Had a amazing time my daughter had so much fun on yhe horse trail they took very good care of her cause i was too scared to go. She also loved going into the cenote thank you to the staff they were so nice and pleasent. Hope to see you guys some time soon i am gonna go again and get on that horse.


Maxwell G

chat_bubble We had a lot of fun Horseback Riding and swimming here. The pickup was good and on time from our hotel. When we first got there we learned a little about the Trees and plants while we were waiting. There was also this really cute dog! Then we learned about how to ride the horses. We already did Horse Back riding so we knew but it was a good refresher. The ride was very scenic and the guides were nice, helpful, and very informative. In the middle of the ride we stopped to learn about Cenotes (Sinkholes) and how the Mayans made gum. We also tried some natural gum which was good. We also got water. Then we got back on the horse and rode some more. The riding was not fast, but we enjoyed it anyways. When we were done, we got to go swim in a Cenote/Sinkhole. It was great and very refreshing. It was cold as usual, but it feels good and is very fresh. Don’t be scarred of going in!! There were also some soda and chips for those who wanted. Then after the swim, we got to pick pictures. The pictures were a great price. Unlike other places that charge $80 USD for all the pictures, here it was only about $15-$20. Overall, this was a great excursion and we enjoyed it.



chat_bubble This ranch was dedicated to rescue horses. They also had other animals like goats, a peppy dog with three legs, a pig and more. The guides were very professional and also knowledgeable about the history of the area and the Mayan culture. This excursion is highly recommended. Make sure you pack swimwear to swim after the horse back ride. We didn't know that we'd have the chance to cool off and swim. It was still an overall awesome excursion!


April S

chat_bubble My husband and I went horseback riding here on April 9th 2016. It was so awesome!!! I rode Godzilla who was very well trained and a very sweet horse. All of the staff were great in making sure everyone was comfortable and knew what they were doing. They were friendly and just made the whole experience fantastic. I especially loved hearing the story behind the cenotes. Even the dogs were so sweet and friendly. And if riding through the jungle wasn't cool enough, we got to swim in a cenote at the end. Love that the animals are all rescues. God bless all the staff for your great work with these animals, you were awesome!



chat_bubble We started out on the wrong foot as the transportation they were sending for us never came and our bellman ended up ordering a taxi to take us to the ranch. Since the transportation was included in the price they paid for the taxi and were waiting for us by the road when we arrived, so we didn't feel lost. They had a horse on a lead line attached to the guide on his horse for my 6 year old, this was her first time horseback riding, I am an experienced rider and was very comfortable on the old horse. My other daughter is also a beginner, her horse was just fine. They all seemed safe. The ranch required everyone wear helmets- which is fantastic. We learned about natural bubble gum and got to try some after riding our horses through the jungle for about 45 minutes. We also learned about some of the trees and Mayan lore. After the ride everyone got to swim in a Cenote (a sinkhole). It was very refreshing. It was reasonably priced and my 6 year old is saying it was her favorite thing we did that week! They did a great job!


Rachel S

chat_bubble My daughter and I have some good riding experience, so the ride itself wasn't exciting or wonderful for us, (would be wonderful for first time riders or riders with little experience) but the guides were super professional and informative and kind and wonderful, the ride itself was beautiful, the swimming in the natural springs was lovely...overall, it was a wonderful experience.


Dawn Gordon

chat_bubble Had a lovely ride through the jungle today, even though I was quite nervous to begin with. You guys were great in helping me to relax! I may even do it again one day!!


Nellie Wittick

chat_bubble Thanks Bonanza Ranch, we had a great time,the ride through the jungle was really nice were we saw wild monkeys, your Crew attentive and knowledgeable!!!



chat_bubble This place went above and beyond to make our day wonderful! The staff spoke English wonderfully and were nothing but nice and accommodating during our time there. The trail ride was easy and the horses were very well behaved (and healthy). We had a couple of stops during the trip to learn about the environment, during which time we were provided with COLD bottled water. At the end of the hot (but shady) ride through the jungle, we were given ice cold towels to cool down with, sodas, candy bars, chips, more water. It was awesome. Then it was time to plop into the cool water of the cenote and swim for a bit. They provide lockers for your valuables, towels for when you want to dry off, and a place to change (so you dont have to wear a swim suit while you ride. I recommend pants until its time to swim). During this entire time, a professional photographer will be in the jungle and around the cenote, taking pictures which you can purchase a CD of at the end for only thirty bucks! (Much cheaper than dropping an iPhone under a horses hoof while trying to document your day) I cant say enough about the value of this experience.



chat_bubble Very well organised, very safety conscious, and everyone well looked after. We were a family of 6 the youngest 8yrs the horses were suitable for all ages. The swim after the ride and soft cold drinks and snacks were very much appreciated. Would not hesitate to recommend the Bonanza Ranch


Melissa B

chat_bubble Everything moment of my visit to the Bonanza Ranch was amazing. The trail guides are all very friendly and knowledgeable, and speak great English. The horses are in wonderful condition: shiny coats, muscular and fat, trimmed hooves, and bright eyes. The guides did a great job of explaining what to expect on our excursion. It was great that they had lockers that we could leave our things and take the key with us. The horses were all very well behaved on the jungle through the trail ride. The jungle was beautiful. They even had a professional photographer snap our photos! When we reached our destination, the guides told us about Mayan folklore about a few plant species, and taught us about the geology of the cenotes. It was all very captivating. Bonus, they provided bug spray and the jungle ride was totally shaded! When we returned to the ranch, they let myself and my friend (both horse people) ride our horses in their huge open area. It had great footing, and we enjoyed a super fun gallop! I ride horses all the time, and I don't remember the last time I had this much fun on a horse. Oh, and they had helmets for everyone! We also swam in a beautiful cenote, which was the perfect way to cool off after a ride. They gave us cold wash cloths with Aloe and Jasmine, which felt AMAZING on the sunburn I had from the day before. Oh, and they gave us snacks! I swear, this day couldn't have been better! oh wait! They sell CD's of the photos from the day for only $30! there was 171 photos on our CD, so don't even worry about bringing a camera. And the photographer is AMAZING! We also got a tour of the ranch, which was impressive. The stalls are huge, all of them were very clean with nice deep bedding, and every horse was houses in the shade. They are obviously meticulous about the care of their animals, and in return, the animals are healthy and happy, and that translates into a very fun and safe ride for you!



chat_bubble This place went above and beyond to make our day wonderful! The staff spoke English wonderfully and were nothing but nice and accommodating during our time there. The trail ride was easy and the horses were very well behaved (and healthy). We had a couple of stops during the trip to learn about the environment, during which time we were provided with COLD bottled water. At the end of the hot (but shady) ride through the jungle, we were given ice cold towels to cool down with, sodas, candy bars, chips, more water. It was awesome. Then it was time to plop into the cool water of the cenote and swim for a bit. They provide lockers for your valuables, towels for when you want to dry off, and a place to change (so you dont have to wear a swim suit while you ride. I recommend pants until its time to swim). During this entire time, a professional photographer will be in the jungle and around the cenote, taking pictures which you can purchase a CD of at the end for only thirty bucks! (Much cheaper than dropping an iPhone under a horses hoof while trying to document your day) I cant say enough about the value of this experience.



chat_bubble Me and my children had a great time at Bonanza Ranch for the second year in a row. They took extra care of my children. The horses are well cared for and they listen and behave well. I love that the horses used are rescued horses. The photographer did an awesome job taking pictures and I highly recommend you purchasing the photo cd of the ride. It is reasonable priced and the photos are great! We will be back again. Thanks for a great time and for making a wonderful memory for my kids. You guys are great!